I create strong VISUAL TITLES.

Some videographers charge extra for adding titles and graphics to real estate videos. I include them as a standard feature in all my packages because they make a huge impact on a video and there really is no reason why you should pay for a video with no titles or just the bare minimum. I strategically place the titles in a visually appealing way so they can be remembered. If done incorrectly, they have no impact. Below is the opening to a real estate video where one version has titles and one version does not. You will see/sense the difference right away.

I emphasize the FLOW of the property.

Every house has a natural flow which dictates the way in which people will tour the house. If a house is built and designed without a natural flow, there's a strong chance it will lack the "homely" element that so many homebuyers want to experience when they find that perfect home. My goal is to bring out that natural flow in the real estate video so that potential buyers immediately feel an emotional attachment to the property and want to experience it in person. This means choosing the right transitions between rooms and a good mix of close-up and wide shots. More importantly, the beat of the music should match the flow of the house tour.

Many real estate videos fail miserably in this area. Too much emphasis is placed on creating a "cutting-edge" video with cool shots, angles, and music and while the video may look professionally made, viewers walk away without any kind of emotional connection. Below is a comparison of the kind of impact proper flow & music can have on a video.

I focus on BRANDING.

One mistake I see many real estate agents make when creating a real estate video is failing to emphasize their own brand. Why settle for just selling one property when you can visually brand yourself into the viewer's mind for a variety of properties? Research suggests it takes 7-8 exposure events for consumers to remember an ad. If all you have is an agent profile picture, it will take a lot of listings just for potential buyers to remember who you are. By placing yourself IN a video, you create multiple exposure events which are also significantly longer and more effective than just a profile picture. Do you want potential buyers to remember just the house or the house AND you? See for yourself how well you remember the agent by comparing the two videos below.

I eliminate CLUTTER.

Have you ever seen a real estate video that shows too much? One of the biggest mistake real estate agents make is thinking they have to show the WHOLE house. Is it really necessary to show all the bathrooms or a close-up of a shower head? Imagine if movie trailers were 10-minutes long. People have low attention spans and chances are most people stop watching many videos after just 20-30 seconds. The point of a real estate video is to act as a "trailer" for the property and entice people to come view the property in person. Showing every single room and feature will not increase the chance of that happening. Of course the exception would be if there are no in-person viewings allowed. And if you absolutely must show certain rooms, there are creative ways to present the rooms in a quick, efficient way. Below is part of a video where the agent wanted to highlight the granny potential of a house as quickly as possible.

I tell an engaging STORY.

Another common mistake I've seen is agents trying to narrate way too much information and then trying to have the visuals match the progression of their narration. The narration may look good on paper and even sound good. However, when trying to match the narration with corresponding visuals, the visuals end up happening too fast and the viewer is ultimately lost on what's being said/presented. A better option would be to use a combination of emotive narration and text that paints an engaging story. This is like a Steve Jobs approach. His presentations were always free of clutter and used short emotive words rather than trying to oversell through long descriptions. Watch the complete real estate video to see how all of these strategies fit together.

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I have conducted and filmed interviews for many world renown business leaders from major Fortune 500 companies as well as world-leading academic researchers from all over the world. Some notable interviews include the 2020 Turing Award Recipients (Nobel Prize of computing), Dr. Mark Sagar (two-time Oscar Winner, University of Auckland Alumni), and Steve J & Yoni P (celebrity fashion designers of famous Korean celebrities). I have also worked as a photographer for Suzy Menkes team at Condé Nast during my time in Korea. Below are some sample videos.

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